Feature - Filing without any OTP hassle

Most of self employed folks use EVC for filing. Which means we get an OTP via our registered mobile number and email address. This is fine. We are used to getting OTPs for credit card payments etc. The problem is when you outsource your GST filing to your CA or Mr Albert.

Why is OTP a problem when you outsource GST filing to someone?

When you do GST filing by yourself, you get the OTP when you trigger it. When you outsource GST filing to someone, you get the OTP when they trigger it. This is an issue because you cannot predict what you will be doing when they trigger it. OTP lasts only 10 mins. You will have to sync up with your agent.

This is a hassle particularly when:

  • You are not reachable – international travelling, some emergyency.
  • You are deeply focusing on your work

How Mr Albert eliminates this hassle

Our Agents help you setup email auto forwarders where emails from GST portal is automatically forwarded to a designated email address. Any email forwarded to this email address is visible on the activity feed. So now the agent can access the OTP from the email visible in the activity feed. No more co-ordination with Agent needed for filing your GST.