Cross check your filed GST reports

You might have an internal team who files GST. You might have GST filing done by someone else in the past.

Use Mr Albert to double check if your GST filings so far is done correctly.

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Why Audit your past GST filings

  • Mistakes in GST filing can give you a heart burn
  • Delayed tax payment - interest rate is 18% p.a.
  • Missed invoices or claimed excess ITC - interest rate is 24% p.a.
  • Tax department takes their own sweet time to identify mistakes in your filing.
  • By the time tax departments sends you a notice you could have accumulated large fines.
  • Use Mr Albert audit to cross check the filings done in the past and identify mistakes before GST portal sends you a notice.

Types of Audit

Monthly Real-time Audit

This is best suited for businesses who wants to double check GST filed by their internal team.

GST Audit is done port-mortem. Every month after the companies team performs GST filing, we go through all the data, process it ourselves and try to find inconsistancies in it.

One time Audit

Check all past filings or a set of past filings one time in one shot. You might want to do this because you are switching CAs and the new CA wants to know if there is any mistakes in past filing.

This is mandatory when switching to Mr Albert GST filing service. Audit for 12 months of past filing is free and included in Mr Albert GST filing plan. If you have more than 12 months of GST filing in the past, then Audit will be chargable.

How it works

  • You hire our team to do GST audit
  • You specific months that you want audit for and audit frequency
  • You share nessary access to the agent assigned to you.
  • Our agents will collect necessary details from various sources
  • We check your bank statements and make sure they dont conflict with your GST filing
  • We check each and every one of your income and expense invoice and make sure they dont conflict with your GST filing.
  • We compare the data in GSTR1 with the data in GSTR3b
  • We compare the data in GSTR2a with the data in GSTR3b
  • We identify any ITC excess usage or deficit.
  • We identify vendors who are not submitting their GSTR1 on time and thereby delaying your ITC claiming process.


Pricing starts from Rs 500 per month. Pricing is dependant on number of invoices that you have and revenue that you have per month.

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