Best outsourced GST filing service for small businesses.

You did not start a business to file GST or keep up with GST laws. But we did.

Mr Albert give you the freedom to focus on your business, knowing that your GST filing will be accurately done well before deadlines without bothering you unnecessarily.

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How it works

  • You hire our team to do your GST filing.
  • You share nessary access to the agent assigned to you.
  • We perform an audit for past 12 months for free during your onboarding process.
    • We check for consistancy of every invoice in your ERP vs GST portal
    • We compare GSTR1 data with GSTR3b
    • We check for consistancy of data for each invoice
  • Every month, our agent will collect the details from various sources compile the details and share it with you for cross checking.
  • Our agent will pick up invoices from your accounting tool/ERP.
  • Your assigned agent will
    • prepare GST1 before 5th of every month
    • reconsile GSTR2A every month before 15th of every month
    • prepare GSTR3B before 15th of every month
  • We create the chellan for you with the right data.
  • You make the payment for the chellan that we created.
  • We file the GSTR3B for you.


Pricing starts from Rs 500 per month. Pricing is dependant on number of invoices that you have and revenue that you have per month.

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